Friday, 2 September 2011

Amelia's Magazine

After a few weeks of prepping images, travelling around the country and not being able to actually finish anything, I woke up this morning determined to actually get something finished and posted today. 
So I got my coffee, and breakfast and once I was at my computer turned on twitter for the days updates to see a tweet from Amelia Gregory, editor and creator the online publication Amelia’s Magazine, slide into view requesting an illustration. After sitting back and considering my workload for the day, I decided to satiate my need for finished artwork with something different and sent over my details.
Some 6 hours later we have the above illustration to accompany a review of popular music group Gazelle Twin. It’s been quite a while since having to complete an image in six hours, and the process was pretty fun. 
Now, working for free is a tricky thing, but once in a while it’s nice to force myself into a short deadline and the timing on this was perfect to give me the exercise I needed. If your an illustrator looking for some quick visual exercise or some exposure make sure to follow @AmeliaGregory on twitter.

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