Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Villain of the Week

“Villain of the Moment” may be a more appropriate project name. I always enjoy how the media portrays it’s villain of the moment. One week a media mogul, the next a politician who’s said the wrong thing at the wrong time, the next a dictator, all reported as the most evil and terrifying threat to our safety at that moment. 
Through an ongoing series of portraits I hope to demonstrate the ridiculous targets and threats the media as a whole force into our minds as the person to hate. Some of these of course are truly nasty and terrible people, which is most likely where this project is starting, but once this moment in time has passed and another gut wrenchingly ‘evil’ person is held aloft as a sacrifice to fear itself, I hope this project will provide an avenue for some sober, and sensible comparison.
Make sense?

Gaddafi: A brush, ink and ink wash portrait.

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