Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Laura Marling.

Here is a Laura Marling illustration. I’ve been listening to her a lot recently, and am looking foreword to a new album next month.
I was raised a folk-y I took my very first steps at a folk festival, so I’m kind of in my musical element at the moment with so many folk influenced bands popping up. See sometimes trends are cool. 
Either way, there’s something very sincere about Marling’s music, not like she’s trying to play folk just like she’s telling stories, the way it should be done. 
A modern success, guided by tradition.
Right last thing, get out your very best pair of headphones and whet your whistle with these two videos:
If you liked those then I’ve made a playlist for you:


Rob Egginton said...

I like this image of Laura - though the concept of being guided by the ghosts of the past might be true of all folk artists, her approach is more of being supported by those hands rather than being controlled. Good stuff :)

Sector 4 said...

Thanks, Dr Egg.