Friday, 4 March 2011


I have no problems admitting that I'm having some issues with personal work productivity at the moment.

It's something that happens to everyone I'm sure, I'm sure there are medicines I could get that would help...

OR, I have a new warm up drawing method to try everyday. It starts in a coffee shop once a week drawing people, as I often do, however my normal method focuses on faces, hands, shirts, detail. Taking a break from this I copied an animator friend of mine who's life drawing often focuses on posture, how weight is carried, and general form over detail etc. Once I got home I found that picking one of these immediate and scratchy drawings at random, enlarging it, redrawing and retracing it pulled a half remembered half invented character onto the paper.

essentially taking this: (click to EMBIGGNEN-ISE.)

Through being an old man, a young man, a grumpy man, a solitary & lonely man through to a character I felt was much more developed: (click to EMBIGGNEN-ISE.)

this was then scanned and completed quickly in Photoshop: (click to EMBIGGNEN-ISE.)

Not a bad warm up that works on drawing skill, characterisation, anatomy and colour work all in an hour or so in the morning. A good way to start a day, what do you do to warm up/keep yourself productive?


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