Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Some big news, I'm going to throw a few links at you now, be sure to check them out.

I am a bit slow on the blog posts, but last week I was unveiled as part of the Quenched Unsigned design team.

Check out there site linked above to find out more about Quenched and what they do in the music industry.

As part of the grand unveiling I have been interviewed HERE. A good chance to learn a bit about me.

My work is also featured in the gallery HERE.

Quenched Unsigned's art director is Ben Tallon, Ben holds the likes of E4, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal among his clients and he's also a very nice guy.

Myself and Ben have collaborated on a poster design for an upcoming Quenched Unsigned night at Factory 251. I played typographer on this piece and enjoyed it. See below for the Poster.

Illustration by Ben Tallon, Text by Me.

I'm excited to be involved with quenched I think they are at the right place in the market to really set bands off on their careers.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Keep up the good work

Simon said...

Good one Andy