Thursday, 17 June 2010


Okay, so there seems to be a lot of exciting updates for me and not a lot of artwork happening here at the moment. That is due to change very soon. However..

This image: (see end of post)

Has been selected to go to auction here:

It's a great opportunity and great to be picked. Please go along if your around Manchester and check out the artwork as I am sure it will all be fantastic.

Boneface has also had a piece selected for auction and several other good friends will have their artwork on display. (including but not limited to Kayleigh O'MaraLiz DunningKieron Sheehy, Rob Gill, Laurence Harborne, Steph Dominguez & Rosie Pearson)

It will definitely be worth a look.

Half of all sales goes to North West Air Ambulance


Rob Gill said...

you forgot rob gill!!! (and laurence and steph and rosie!)

Sector 4 said...


Natalie Smith said...

errr hem!