Sunday, 14 March 2010


Number one?

Or number Two?

I'm leaning towards number one. keeps the theme lost and isolated



Kayleigh said...

numero uno.

Simon said...

I like number 2 for the detail but number 1 for the subject

Julia said...

I think I like Number 1 better.

alexander said...

Number 1. More atmosphere.

Rob Gill said...

I totally agree with simon!
I like two slightly better because you can see figure in more detail, but if I was you I would compromise, number one but with a slightly bigger figure?

Pete said...

Noice, actually I prefer number 2... I think as well as being able to read the subject more clearly, the higher ratio of shadow to light makes her seem more trapped. But if the theme's isolated then maybe number 1 would fit better. Good work mate