Sunday, 2 August 2009


so it's been a while. recently i've:

got a part time summer job,
been to hospital with my dad several times, hopefully he's on the mend now,
played a lot of guitar,
been on holiday for a week to clitheroe
sent emails to a few illustration agencies, to see what will come of it,
got some business cards made up,
read about 1/2 of Brahm Stokers Dracula
given out quite a few on chance encounters with local MP's, restaurant owners and friends.
and not drawn nearly enough!
and scarily began to research Postgrad Illustration courses.

i'm trying my best to rectify this over the next few weeks. My aim is to set myself some breifs, do some finished pieces, and lots and lots of sketchbook work. To tide you by, loyal fan of my drawings, heres a drawing of a part of Clitheroe Castle i did using a dip pen and a brand new bottle of Indian Ink.

wish me luck for getting my artistic groove back!

if you still havn't, check out my brand new website.


Kayleigh said...

this is super.

im glad to see you have been busy. getting lots done, iv done some drawing but like you said not nearly enough. but this week iv not been in a drawing mood which has made me mad as i wanted to spend the week drawing haha, hope you hear something form any of the illustration agencies, see you soon x

Natalie Smith said...

3 of my family members live in clitheroe :) and the rest of my family either still live or came from not too far away from it... funny old world.

Like your recent work Andy.

THE DRAGON! lol just had an overwhelming urge x