Monday, 2 March 2009


soo, today i got my first grey hair, always nice at 20 years old. haha. i stuck it in my sketchbook which reminded me to upload more stuff so here it is:

the first is this guy, he was reading the paper for part of my 5 hour train journey home,

next, a visual pun:

and finally for today my pubey beard:

just a few pages, i've got lots more stuff still, who knows when the digital world will see it.
i'm still officially working on a new website design, and frantically drawing up a childrens book for entry into a comp. All this and, playing resident evil 1, code veronica and 4 for the 3rd, 1st and millionth times because i'm really exited about the release of 5 on the 13th. yyyyyyeaaaaah. at that point the work will unfortunately stop for a few nights until it's complete and i'm happier than happy. it may effect my future but it'll be so worth it.

enjoy your week everyone. happy monday.

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